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    In today's world of sports, competition has increased considerably making athletes more susceptible to complicated injuries.  Even the most seemingly minor injury, especially the feet and ankles, can lead to serious consequences

    later in life if not treated appropriately.  With any injury the body goes through complex mechanisms in it's attempt at repair.  If all of these mechanisms are not supported correctly, the body results in compensation, predisposing the athlete to further injury and structural imbalance.   In ordinary sports medicine, many of these mechanisms are inadvertently overlooked, but are critical for complete healing.

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    At our clinic we address and support these mechanisms to aid the healing process:   

    Stress   When an injury occurs, the brain reacts by activating the sympathetic nervous system, our "fight or flight"

    (emergency) mechanism.  In the sympathetic drive, cortisol and other stress hormones are pumped through the body in

    large amounts and the normal function of organs are largely reduced for a short period of time.  However, when the brain

    perceives stressors inside the body like injury, chronic illness, chronic pain, allergies, organ dysfunction, etc., the 

    brain tends to stay fixed in the sympathetic nervous system.  What this means is that not only is organ function reduced resulting in diminished assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins, but a domino effect of hormonal imbalance takes place which leads to further chemical reactions resulting in higher amounts of histamines and inflammatory chemicals

    being produced.  These chemicals attack the joints, weaken the connective tissue and delay the healing process

    This is the primary reason why spinal adjustments often don't "stay" for long requiring several and frequent visits, and

    why seemingly minor injuries can take a lot longer to heal than would be imagined.  Over time this will lead to other

    serious chronic conditions in the body, including adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.  

     Key to accelerated healing: Change the stress perception of the sympathetic nervous system with a synergistic pharmaceutical grade nutrient combination that triggers the brain to reset the parasympathetic nervous system

    which interrupts the "fight or flight" cycle.  These nutrients support and repair the adrenals and in simple terms,

    the brain and body return to normal function where healing takes place properly.

    Flexor Withdrawal Reflex  This is another part of the nervous system and brain function that is activated and can become fixed after injury.  Simply put, this is the mechanism that causes us to withdraw our hand quickly when touched

    to a hot stove.  When this mechanism becomes fixed, either the right or the left side of the body stays is a constant state

    of mild tension.  Although it may not be felt, it creates muscle compensations, reduces circulation and delays the healing process.

    Key to accelerated healing: Reset the flexor withdrawal reflex with a therapeutic cold laser  that doesn't burn or

    cut, but stimulates the correct nerve responses from the brain to the body allowing the body (flexor muscles especially) to relax.  This in turn increases circulation, increases range of motion, reduces inflammation and 

    ensures that the muscles and muscle groups are doing their specific job correctly.

     Nerves  Proper nerve function is essential for the correct use of the muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as proper organ function.  Nerve interference can start in the spinal column and be alleviated with a spinal adjustment.  However,

    more often than not, nerve interference can take place anywhere along the nerve path.  Pathways that innervate muscles

    and subsequent organs become impeded with muscle tension and injury.  A simple spinal adjustment will not correct this problem.  In many cases the injury happens as a result of lack of proper muscle innervation, therefore the muscle or

    muscle groups are working in compensation, leading to a weakness in that area, thus making that area more susceptible

    to injury.  It is imperative to re-establish proper nerve communication so that the muscles and organs work at optimum efficiency.  Think of it this way, if only two of the four electrical lines that come into your house are working, you will not

    be able to turn all the lights on.  Lack of proper nerve function delays the healing process.

    Key to accelerated healing: Through neurological testing we find out where the nerve interferences are located

    and thus which muscle, muscle groups and organs are being effected.  The therapeutic cold laser, using specific frequencies, stimulates nerve response.  These frequencies "turn the nerves on" so to speak and restores optimum function which in turn accelerates the healing process.

     Fascia  Fascia surrounds every muscle, nerve, blood vessel and organ.  It can be thought of as winding through the

    body in a continuous sheet.  Fascia has important functions in support, protection, separation, cellular respiration, elimination, metabolism, fluid flow, and immune system function.   Any restriction of the fascia can lead to a variety of problems, including poor exchange of cellular nutrients and waste, poor mobility, decreased muscle and organ function and increased pain and inflammation.  Fascial restriction delays the healing process.  Fascia can become bound up and restricted from accidents, injuries, surgery, high toxic loads and emotional traumas.   Because fascia is continuous throughout the body, when it becomes bound up or restricted in one area, the entire system is negatively effected. 

    Key to accelerated healing: Release the fascia with a simple yet profound technique that combines special vibrational frequencies and percussion.  This technique is painless and ensures proper mobility of the body's

    structure, musculature, organs and fluid flow, which increases circulation, oxygenation, cellular exchange, and decreases pain and inflammation.

    Tensegrity  Literally translated as tensional integrity, tensegrity is the tensional behaviors of a structural system that provides the ability to yield increasingly in load distribution without ultimately breaking.  One example of this is the

    geodesic dome.  Weight is distributed through out the structure giving it strength.  Another example are the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Each cable represents lines of energy that are distributed equally through each cable giving the

    bridge its strength and integrity.  If just one cable had a kink in it, the surrounding cables would be affected, causing weakness.  The same is true about the skeletal structure of the human body.  Several of the factors mentioned above

    effect the tensegrity or the way that energy moves through the bones and proper weight distribution.  When tensegrity is effected the connective tissue reacts with mild dysfunction and inflammation, resulting in pain.  When tensegrity

    becomes an issue, this can seriously delay the healing process.

    Key to accelerated healing: Utilizing a diagnostic technique called Applied Kinesiology, any tensegrital problem

    can be found.  Tensegrity is corrected using a specialized  electromagnetic pulse which is at the same frequency normally inherent in bone structure.  This EM pulse actually aligns the tensegrity through the effected bone or

    bones, restoring proper function of connective tissue, which in turn reduces inflammation and pain.

    Vestibular Balance Mechanism  This is the part of the nervous system that helps us maintain balance or

    equilibrium when we are standing, turning our body, spinning or turning our head in different directions.  Athletes that

    play team sports, especially in contact sports like football, have a greater need for this mechanism to be working

    properly.  We don't necessarily have to have a head injury or a blow to the head to have a concussion or to upset this mechanism.  Just a few hard falls or an automobile accident will do it.  When this mechanism is upset, it makes it increasingly difficult to receive or pass the ball when our head is turned in certain positions.  It also makes the turning

    away from an opponent in certain directions more difficult.  This effects the entire body and can lead to muscle compensations which lead to a weakend area, which can predispose the althlete to injury.   Every athlete should have

    this mechanism checked, especially if a head injury or dizzines has occurred. 


    Restoring the balance mechanism is crucial for athletes involved in team sports, golfers, figure skaters, dancers

    and gymnasts.  Using specialized frequencies with the therapuetic cold laser, resets the balance mechanism in usually one treatment.  Restoration of the balance mechanism not only improves overall function of the

    musculoskeletal system, but improves the athletes performance as well.

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      Our Guarantee:  Although there are no guarantees in any form of medicine, we will guarantee this:

    • We will give you the time and attention you deserve
    • We will provide high quality care in a professional and timely manner
    • We will be honest with you in your care as to what you can expect in recovery
    • We will treat you as the individual you are, not as a body part
    • Your care will be customized to your individual needs, not as a "one size fits all"
    • We will provide education so you can make informed decisions
    • We will provide recommendations with your best interests in mind
    • We will support you 100% in your decisions regarding care
    • We will work in conjuction with other health providers and therapies of your choice
    • We will laugh with you and cry with you should the emotion arise
    • We will be available to answer any questions and concerns you may have                          during and after care

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